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I Speak for Cheryl(2): We All Want to Know "Who is the Victim"

The question, now, I am asking, who is the victim? Who are the players? What is the direction this case is going in? And when is this circus of Shenanigan foolery is going to end? With this case, it appears to be some elbow rubbing going on to me, with no justice for Cheryl, yet! It has literally been a cyclone rollercoaster, in non-motion, for 4.5 years. Cheryl’s Silent Silhouette has received more attention, than her name mentioned in court.

Not only, has Cheryl been silenced forever, but once again, she has become the silent forgotten victim, in her own, once potential criminal trial, that has now, transformed into several unscheduled, irregular, inconsistent scattered Hearings, with no progression towards truth or conviction of the man that killed her. Sitting in court, on numerous occasions, I have asked myself, why I am here and who am I here for? Is it in support of Ferjus mental state or Justice for Cheryl? Listening to the trickery of cross examinations, between the lawyers and doctors, while they answer questions, in half-truths and/or omissions, in Ferjus Moore’s defense, about his mental competency and behavior, as if Cheryl’s murder never existed or matter is sooooo humiliating. At times, I truly have to take a deep breathe and gather my composure to keep from screaming in an outburst in court, for real, for real!

Cheryl's daughter and sister at Hearing in May 2018

As my family, friends, and I have painfully sat through long days and hours of several Hearings, in a cold courtroom setting (literally), on a cold hard bench, requiring our silence, with stoic behavior, Cheryl’s name is barely a whisper, as the judge and defense team, so kindly, addresses, the defendant, by “Mr. Moore”, loud and clear with so much dignity and respect. At this moment, in my mind and opinion, Ferjus Moore is a free guilty man, a manipulator, a player in the game, however; he has become the wild card amongst the many players in this game. Serving most of his time, in the last 4.5 years, inside two medical facility, undergoing mental competency evaluation or umm… should I say a research study...oops!…did I really, say that? Can someone explain to me how do you go from an aggressor to a victim, with very little jail time and absolutely, no prison time? Interesting question, I must say, myself? Talk about buying time……well, 2 months of clinical evaluation/treatment, in a different medical facility, has extended into over 9 months since the last hearing, in May of 2018. Yes, last year, it has been that long! This Hearing has taken a HALT, literally, translating into NO hearing from anyone about, any up dates, in relations to the case.

Dear Friends Cheryl and family supporting during Hearing in May 2018
Dear friends of Cheryl and family supporting during Hearing in April 2017

Ferjus Moore with his Lawyers @ Hearing in April 2017

Stay tuned, as I Speak for Cheryl and Sound the Silence in Domestic Violence.

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