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Domestic Violence Survivor Advocacy Group Meeting

We are gaining some momentum two weeks in a row with two days of strategic planning this week for Forsyth County Family Justice Center (FJC).

I am a month late, but first of all, I would like to mention and give our sincerest best wishes to Caleb Evington, our Survivor Advocacy Group (Counseling Intern, from UNC-Chapel Hill). His last month was in August. We appreciate your support and input for our group; we will miss you.

Caleb Evington, UNC-Chapel Hill Counseling Intern, Family Services, Inc.

The Survivor Advocacy Group met last night for our monthly meeting. Survivor's voices are imperative and relevant to the development of the FJC. It was great seeing new faces and hearing some new voices with great ideas, from our domestic violence Survivor community. J. Nelson-Weaver, Planning Coordinator, for the FJC was present in the meeting, sharing highlighted takeaways from the Strategic Planning meeting, last week on August 27 & 28.

Today, J. Nelson-Weaver, Planning Coordinator, and I met for a one-on-one, strategic workgroup planning meeting and prioritized the next steps to jump-start Community Education and Outreach for the FJC.

J. Nelson-Weaver, Planning Coordinator, Forsyth County Family Justice Center

I would like to thank Rhonda L. Carson, GIRLZ on FIRE LLC, for her attendance in the meeting to be a support to a survivor.

We are continuing to be highly motivated and engaged in this huge undertaking project and we are very optimistic in the manifestation of a Forsyth County Family Justice Center, in our own community.

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