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Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Survivor Forum for Potential Family Justice Center, in Forsyth

What a great few months of productive meetings it has been, unfortunately, Thursday night, I was sadden to hear the news that our gracious host and mediator, Michelle Kline, will be departing us next month.

March Forum meeting at Family Services, Inc

Over the past eighteen months, there has been multiple groups, from agencies, system

to domestic violence/sexual assault survivors, included in forums hosted by Family Services, Inc. to provide information and discuss the possibility of getting a Family Justice Center, here in Forsyth County, NC. Family Justice Centers are utilized facilities, in several states across the country where victims affected by domestic violence, sexual assault, and child abuse have been provided all the resources they need in one safe, welcoming environment.

In October 2018, I was approached by Rebecca Nagaishi and Michelle Kline, both of Family Services, Inc, and asked, "if I would I be interested in being a part of the Domestic Violence Forum?", after I was a guest speaker, as "A Voice of Domestic Violence Survivors", at the Day of Unity, hosted by Family Services. Of course, I agreed, because I am a huge domestic violence Advocate and I would love being apart of implementing something that could impact a positive change in our domestic violence community.

When I initially attended my 1st forum, hosted by Michelle Kline, MSW Intern, I was unsure of how I would fit into the domestic violence arena, in a room full of women that had actually experienced domestic violence verses, my experience in support of my sister's story of losing her life to domestic violence; however, it wasn't before long I found out I fit in just fine. I have found, the open dialogue for women/families affected by domestic violence to share/discuss their concerns and needs surrounding the domestic violence community to be very comfortable, in a non judgment zone, and I give all that credit to Michelle, an MSW intern student. She formed this survivors group and seen the importance of our voices to be heard which has given us an opportunity to share our input, in the process for the possibility of a Family Justice Center. Although the journey has been long and the process is far from complete, we are continuing to envision positive progression with manifestation of change, in the domestic violence community. We are all so excited with ancipation for a safer place in a one stop structural environment.

Michelle Kline and I

As I mention earlier of Michelle's departure, she will be hosting her last meeting next month in the1st week of April, so please try to attend her last meeting and show her some love and appreciation for her efforts to make a difference in our domestic violence community. Although Michelle is leaving, the Forums will continue monthly and we will soon find out who will transition into her position.

However, in the meantime, if you would like to attend the meetings to get involved and allow your voice to be heard for input.

You can contact Michelle Kline by:


phone: 336.722.8173

You can also learn more about the Family Justice Center Alliance at

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