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I Speak for Cheryl (3): We All Want to Know "How Did He Forgot"

Now, let me give you a snapshot of a few detailed highlights from that dreadful evening of Cheryl’s death, so you can judge for yourself if this man was mentally incompetent as to not understanding what he did and/or according to his respond during the Hearing was,

"I forgot”, as he responded to a question, asked by Judge David Hall of Forsyth County, “Can you describe the crime you are accused of committing?”, according to the Winston Salem Journal and myself being present at this Hearing, in April 2017.

According to my observation in court that day, as a seasoned registered nurse, he appeared to me to be overly medicated with a controlled substance, as if he was in a sedative trance. As the judge asked him questions, he needed guidance and assistance in answering the questions from his doctor and attorney. Clever strategies sly, like a fox...umm....players with shady moves, in their game of chess.

***This may a little graphic for some, if so STOP🛑 HERE and READ NO MORE!

Cheryl Anise Bethea was 43 years old when she lost her life to a domestic assault, on Monday, August 25, 2014, around 20:40. Ferjus Bernard Moore was obvious quite intoxicated, we later discovered, as evidence of an empty large bottle of Smirnoff Vodka (which was never taken in for any criminal evidence) that laid on the floor board, in the back, on the driver’s side of my sister’s car, he had been driving, prior to arrival to her home.

Upon his arrival, my sister was at the park, located up the street from her home, chatting on the phone with a dear friend, unaware she would soon, lose her life. Earlier that day, my sister was definitely on a mission to get her life back in order and on track because she completed a yearly physical exam and filed a 50B/restraining order against Ferjus. According to Jazmine, her daughter’s description of Ferjus’s behavior that evening was strange. He was pacing from inside to the outside of the house, sitting on the porch with his legs gapped open and drinking a beer; she describes him with, “blood shot eyes, in sort of a daze/trance, a blank stare, as if he was in very deep thought.” As we look hindsight, we assumed he noticed the 50B papers, laying on the living room table and it is obvious he was premeditating and calculating the perfect time and opportunity on how and when he was going to murder her that evening, prior to his arrival, anyway. Jazmine believes, he was observing what she was doing in the house, so he could execute his plan with no interruptions from her. So, once Cheryl walked home from the park, he began to threaten and assault her with a huge knife, slicing, the right side of her face from her lip/jawbone to her earlobe, perforating her internal and external carotid arteries, along with stabbing her thirty-nine times, in her head, outside of her home; it was obvious he was filled with a lot of rage and anger based on her injuries.

Cheryl’s injuries were so severe, that she, suddenly, succumb her death. As her lifeless body laid on the dry asphalt, gasping her last few breathes, and stuck in a tiny space, between the curb and car tire, she died alone, instantaneously, at the hands of Ferjus, a man she dated for nearly 3 years, while her nine-teen year old pregnant daughter was in the house with her 9-month old son, unaware of the turn of events. Not only that, after he viciously attacked and murdered my sister, he then inflicted himself with self-inflicted wounds. He boldly and cold heartedly walks from the curbside, dripping in her blood, to the front doorsteps of her home and tells her unsuspecting vulnerable nineteen old pregnant daughter, “someone killed your mom and tried to kill me”, then he goes and lay on top of her dead body, crying and screaming, as her blood streams, like running water flowing through a water hose, down the curbside street. As a few of her neighbors, witnessed what was going on, they dialed 911, behind their closed doors, while they heard my sister begging for her life, “Ferjus, please don’t kill me”, my heart sunken, grieved, and mourned to know those were her words, she uttered in her last moments of life, will, and testimony.

According to the Winston Salem Journal, Forsyth County District Attorney, Jim O’Neill referred to the crime as, “especially heinous, atrocious and cruel.”

So please, someone please tell me.... AGAIN!!! "Why is he considered incompetent to stand trial and why are theses attorneys and doctors playing mind games, literally?"

Stay tuned as, I Speak for Cheryl and Sound the Silence in Domestic Violence.

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