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Wells Fargo Remembering Cheryl

What an "AMAZING" work family, my sister had! She work for Wells Fargo, which once was Wachovia, for over15 years. On this day, they all came out to remember, celebrate her life, and express their love for her..She obviously touched so many with her kind spirit and infectious smile. Her work family was not only co-workers, but friends she considered and some as family and they have shown such to our family through their continuous love and support.

I will would like to thank Cheryl Johnson for all her hard work of putting this together and Terry Johnson hosting the event in her absence.

The Bethea Family are so grateful and we definitely do not take for granted the support that have been received from you all and we definitely will never forget it either. We feel honored and thankful to know that my sister was connected to so many people that genuinely love her.

"I Speak for Cheryl", to Sound the Silence in Domestic Violence

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