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Eliza's Helping Hands 5K RUN September 11, 2016 0800-12:00

We are honored to be supporting Eliza's Helping Hands, such a great organization here in Forsyth County that do so much for the Domestic Violence Community so please join us.

Sound the Silence in Domestic Violence (STSIDV) will be joining forces with Eliza’s Helping Hands, a nonprofit organization for Domestic Violence here in Forsyth County, during their 5K Run on September 11, 2016, to help raise money for emergency shelter and Transitional Housing Program for Domestic Violence Victims.

I am asking everyone to please join the STSIDV Team in remembrance of my sister, Cheryl Neecie Bethea, for this great cause in our community or make a donations. Below you can find the registration information to sign up for this under STSIDV Team. Donations are tax-deductible and all monies go to Eliza Helping Hand nonprofit organization.

Click on the DONATE NOW Button to donate or get registered on their website under TEAM Sound the Silence in Domestic Violence (STSIDV) and find out more information about this upcoming DV event.

Thank you in advance.


The purpose of this race is to bring awareness to domestic violence and sexual assault, not just in our city and state, but in our country as well.

Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault affect us all are and can, either directly or indirectly. For every woman, man and child who has lost his or her lives and may be going through it as we speak, you are not alone in your struggle.

All of the donations and resources raised through this race/walk will go towards helping us raise awareness and to raise resources for our domestic violence safe house and permanent housing program. We would like to be able to offer opportunities and options for victims and their families. We believe through education, advocacy, and support that together as a community we can say to those that offend we are not going to allow violence to rip our community apart. As we go into October, which is national Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault awareness month, we would like for everyone to know that the awareness needs to be all year along, which is part of the reason we began our campaign in the early part of the year. So please join us on Sunday September 11, as we join together with everyone in our community as we use every style of shoe to “KICK DOMESTIC VIOLENCE OUT OF TOWN”!

We also like to take the opportunity while we are walking and running to honor those lives lost on September 11 and to our military personnel and their family members who protect our rights to be safe from violence in our communities.

"I Speak for Cheryl" to Sound the Silence in Domestic Violence

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