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Domestic Violence Awareness Month "Kickoff & Candlelight Vigil" 2015

This year was the unveiling of the Purple Silent Witness Silhouette and the Bethea Family was so honor that my sister Cheryl was chosen to be apart of the last group of Silence Witness Silhouette for WSPD. We are also thankful to Black Girls Run of WS, Ambassadors Latisha Alford and Keya Jammeh, along with all my sister's sole sistahs for sponsoring her Silhouette.

We are grateful to all our family and dear friends that came out to uplift and support us in this event along with wearing your Sound the Silence in Domestic Violence, "I Speak for Cheryl" T-shirts. You'll ROCK!

Special thanks to WSPD, Family Services, Asst. Chief Catrina Thompson, Cynthia Sullivan, and, Mayor Joines,

"I Speak for Cheryl" to Sound the Silence In Domestic Violence

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