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Cheryl's Silent Witness Silhouette on Display at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in Recogniti

"I speak for Cheryl", so she won’t be A Silent Witness Silhouette forgotten.

I am so humbled and honored with tears of joy that my place of employment, here at the Wake Forest Baptist Health Medical Center agreed to display my sister, Cheryl’s, Silent Witness Silhouette. If you work here or if you are visiting the Medical Center please take a brief moment and stop by the Action Health Alley (entry into the SPINE where the art is displayed on the walls) to feel the presence of her life and death experience in her Spirit.

As I watched several people stop for a brief moment of silence and read her story their body language saids it all and I am so touched that they are touched. It’s just a warm impactful powerful moment; you have to be here to truly understand. I wish I could stand there all day and people watch, each pause and emotion with in that moment. It brings my heart so much joy to know my sister is touching and changing so many lives. She still knows how to make people feel special in her silence.

I want to give specials thanks to Phillip Summers, Assistant Director for Program in Community Engagement. He was the first one I called and he was so engaging, willing, and excited to get me connected to the right person. Thank you Gretchen Bayne with Action Health for your promptness and making it happen with your creativity. Thank you both so much for your awareness of community involvement.

There is a lot of information and resources about domestic violence in the display rack behind her silhouette. Please feel free to take what you need if you or someone you know are experiencing DV. Remember love does not hurt.

Wear your purple and continue to post to Sound the Silence in Domestic Violence telling why you speak for Cheryl were so happy to hear from you.

Love and Blessings to you all

"I Speak for Cheryl" to Sound the Silence In Domestic Violence

"I Speak for Cheryl" to Sound the Silence in Domestic Violence

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